Friday, June 10, 2011

Tile Me Pretty

So, our tiles arrived today. And you'd think 1k pounds of tile would look more impressive but nope, just these 40 boxes... sitting on our front patio that I'll have to bring inside.... (and did, all by myself.)

I have to admit, it is rather exciting finally seeing, touching, having these beauties after weeks months of debate over them and they sure are pretttttty. Now to decide on a pattern. Originally I wanted to buy them in the Versailles pattern but since they didn't have the exact tiles I wanted in the pattern, we decided we would make our own. Here's some ideas that I'm pondering:

This would only involve 2 different sized tiles (your welcome, Ryan).

I'm not sure cutting ALL the tiles makes much sense but I do like the pattern.
Again, a lot of cutting...

I think this would be really pretty and simple.
Another pretty pattern and since we'll probably end up using the extra for the bathroom, these cuts would make sense.

We borrowed our friend's tile cutter so we should be good to go to start on these bad boys some time early next week. Life is very exciting these days (even if I, once again, live on the second floor).

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