Friday, June 17, 2011


So, the other night I narrowed down our paint choices for the family room/ kitchen. It's a huge open space so I wanted it to be light and airy but also go with the beige that I'm putting in the kitchen. Here's my two options painted on our walls:
Under the stairs.

Coat closet.

Back wall.
I kept it consistent so the left side is the same color in all three pictures. The left side is Silver Sateen and the right side is Traditional Grey.

Ryan thinks the color on the right is too similar to our current color (I won't get in to how our current color is beige and the new color is grey) so, we're leaning towards the color on the left. We clearly still have some time to decide but I wanted to live with it before making a commitment. After all, it is basically our whole first floor of the house...

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