Monday, June 6, 2011


Saturday we took a break from the house and enjoyed a beautiful day at the Virginia Wine Festival with some of our friends which, in turn, meant that Sunday we had to be up and at Home Depot by 8:30am to get our supplies for the day. After a rough thirty minutes working with the slowest/ oldest Home Depot truck rental guy, we managed to bring home our second truck load of sub-floor and get the day started.

We were also lucky enough to have my Dad help us out for the day.

My Dad working at framing up the ceiling for the bathroom.

Ryan measuring out the last few boards for the first sub-floor.
It was quite an exciting day because we now have a door to our "bathroom"! Of course, this came after a second Home Depot trip and quite a few brainstorming sessions but nonetheless, you can actually close a door. I call that progress.

My Dad and Ryan framing out the door. Ignore the ugly door we'll be replacing .

Finished Product! Woohoo!

We decided to get a door that would match the doors in the family room so in the end we'll stain this bad boy a dark mahogany and paint the trim white to match the closet and basement doors. We also plan on replacing the door to out back to have a more uniform look, especially since you can see this door from the family room/kitchen. I'm thinking a white door with glass panels.

Ryan also almost finished the first sub-floor. Unfortunately, since I chose travertine tiles (all 1k lbs. of them), we have to put down a second sub-floor once we're done with this one but hey, atleast you can walk on it.

Ryan working on the last couple of sections of the first subfloor.
While we were at Home Depot, I picked out about fifty samples of colors for the walls. When I brought them home, it was obvious that a really light grey was going to be the winner. I still want to buy a small can so I can put it on the wall and make sure I like it (especially since it will end up covering almost our whole downstairs) but so far, I'm pretty in love with it. It also looks good with our current wall color which means we don't need to paint the upstairs hallway, quite yet...

Subway tiles with our kitchen floor tiles and the paint sample.
I like how it's warm enough to go with the beiges but light enough to make the room feel airy. Tonight our goal is to finish up the first sub-floor and start on the second. After all, we are going to need room for the millions of cabinets that we're getting delivered tomorrow (clearly a bit early, sigh).

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