Monday, June 13, 2011

Tumble Me Timbers

I really have nothing to reference regarding the title of this post except for the fact that it's hard to be clever when you've been posting about the same kitchen renovation that you've been working on for FOUR months. :) I also feel like a broken record with saying how much progress we made over the weekend but seriously, we did make a lot of progress.

We have our second set of overnight visitors (Ryan's parents!) coming on Saturday so we're pretty much full throttle through this week with our fingers crossed that we'll be able to hang out in the family room come Saturday night. I'll try and keep up my posts with the progress since the end goal is to have some tiles layed by the end of the week (this may or may not be ridiculously ambitious and I'm leaning towards may).

We finished up the the first subfloor and ALMOST finished the second subfloor. We would have finished the second sub floor but Ryan had this great idea of making a step in to the back room so those logistics took some time to figure out (totally worth the extra time). Previously, the owners had used this realllly old piece of wood as a "stepping" block but we think that an actual step will have a cleaner look.

Finishing up the first subfloor and working on the step.
Before we could finish the second subfloor (you can see part of it in the above photo), we Ryan had to frame out the door so that the door frame could go directly in to the floor.

Cleaning up the door frame.
He also FINALLY got rid of the "arch of death" (which I was pretty sure was going to give one of us a concussion). 

Before- Those bricks were being held together by pretty much nothing.

Action shot of the bricks coming down.

After- no more death trap.

We'll have to build the arch back up like Ryan did on the kitchen side but I feel much better knowing that bricks won't come falling on my head when I go grab a drink from the fridge. Ah, it's the little things.

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