Monday, June 27, 2011


Sorry I've been a real slacker with blog posts but it's been a slow week at the house. Ryan's been plotting our next move and we've been just really busy with life. Saturday, we (read: Ryan) started framing out the walls. It was a little bit of trial and error but definitely good practice for the rest of the walls.

Nice mustache, babe ;)

Starting the frame (aren't those floors pretty? Or atleast stable ;))

Caley "helping"

Of course, once the frame was done and we were trying to put it up, we realized it was too tall so Ryan had to take it apart, shorten it and put it back up.

Looking Good

Screwing the frame in to the ceiling
So one small part of the wall done, a lot more to go but atleast we're making progress.

We're officially 4 months in and I just can't wait to not be washing dishes in my (blue, 70's style) bath tub anymore.... need a visual? Enjoy.

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