Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

Oh, Christmas time. Normally, I would be knee deep in decorations with atleast one holiday party to throw but this year? This year I would spend the week leading up to Christmas sanding and re-sanding the floors.

Are you sick of hearing about the floors yet? Because I'm sick of talking about them. Imagine having to do them...

After our adventures with the black goo, our molding is officially toast. Granted, it was pretty nasty in the first place but the goo just confirmed our need to get new molding. We also need to take out the radiator so we can sand and finish the floors beneath.  Ryan reads about how to do it and we think we're set. Not quite. There's this one piece (actually two pieces but I won't bore you with the details) that we need in order to plug the pipes so that we can keep the heat on while the radiator is detached. We search high and low for this piece and no dice. A couple of days later, we find it only to discover we need a special wrench.  The place that sells the wrench is closed so we have to go ahead and disconnect the radiator without plugging it. No plug= no heat. Awesome.

Ryan bleeding the radiator so that we can disconnect it

All Gone!
Note that this radiator weighs as much, or more, than I do and I should not be the one helping to lift it but as Ryan reminds me, there's only one male that lives in the house so I have to help. Boo.

So for two days while we're finishing sanding the floors we are living and sleeping in the family room with no heat. The first night wasn't so bad but by the second day I would barely get out of bed because it was so cold. It was some dark, dark days. Finally, Ryan gets to the store to get the correct wrench (we got a wrong one first) and we plug the pipes so that we can have heat again. This was a very good day.

And just for fun, here's what the place looked like while we were sleeping in the family room. Freezing.

Third Bedroom... where we kept our clothes

Second bedroom aka our tool "shack"

Family room aka our "everything" room, our bed is to the left 

Fridge Room/ Laundry Room/ Pantry/ Bike Room
And now back to the floors....

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