Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carpet, Tiles and Glue, OH MY!

So after what felt like years, but was actually about 10 hours, of Ryan chipping away at what we can only assume is asbestos tile (yes, we wore masks), the floors were clear of tiles. Of course, what comes with tiles is glue, black glue, all over the wood floor. Oh, happy day.

And this is what the tiles had in store for us...

Mistake #2: Look in to how to get the glue up BEFORE you get the tile up. It will save you time and sanity.

Luckily, my brother-in-law is a flooring expert over at Lowes so we call him in a panic asking what to do about the glue. He tells us the glue remover to get and we head over to Home Depot. Crisis Averted.

We bring glue remover home and it is the nastiest, tar-like substance I have ever seen. Ryan might as well have been paving a road with this stuff but instead, we were using it on our 100 year old wood floors, greattttt. It gets EVERYWHERE. My cat even managed to get it on the top of our toilet (oh the joys of having a cat). If there is one thing I NEVER want to do again, it's deal with this goo.

The black hole aka our room

Ryan gets all the nasty, black goo down and we wait a few hours. It's supposed to dry and just magically flake off but, of course, it doesn't. What it does is turn in to a black mess of a floor. After much disappointed, Ryan puts down another coat and we let it sit over night and retire back to the apartment... that we rent... even though we just bought a house. Oh the joys of home ownership!

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