Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rolling Solo

After a very successful trip, my Mom left Tuesday morning, tear, so Tuesday night I was rolling solo (it took Ryan somewhere around 6 hours to get home). My Mom had given me confidence on re-upholstering, and had made me do all the sewing for the arms, so I decided to re-upholster one of the ottoman's.
It seemed like it would be a pretty easy task, just measure the four sides and sew them together. And it was, compared to the arms... but that really doesn't say much.

Caley being obnoxious... I swear I also have a dog
A few hours later, and wallah! a new ottoman.
Finished Product... and the cat who is the reason that I had to do the project in the first place
Of course, I forgot that I should hammer in the staples on the bottom of the ottoman so that they wouldn't scratch the floors, which I'm obsessed with but are impossible, so I mayyy have scratched the floors, a little bit. Whoops.

Now I just have to get my butt in gear to do the second ottoman....

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