Friday, December 10, 2010

New Home New Projects

When we bought this house, we were fully aware that we would be spending all of our time (and money) on projects to fix it up. Don't get me wrong, it's not a "fixer upper" per say, it's just not completely our taste. The master bedroom couldn't be more boring and the kitchen? Well that's just a whole different story. I knew I could live with the blue bathroom and the drafty laundry room but there were just some things that had to go... immediately.

Commence Project Master Bedroom.

Before Pictures
Before Pictures
When we were first looking at the house, at 8pm on a Wednesday night, we noticed that the whole upstairs had original hardwood floors, except the master bedroom. Being the conclusive people that we are, we decided that under the carpet, well that had to be hardwood floors too, right? You would think. So day one in the house we would rip up the carpet and wallah! there would be beautiful 100 year old hardwood floors.

Mistake #1: Never Assume anything about a 100 year old house, you'll just be disappointed.

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