Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2: Still No Ryan

I'm pretty sure by day two my Mom was regretting her decision to come help, or atleast I would have. Ryan had called Monday morning and let us know that he was stuck in Jersey and wouldn't be making it back to DC until Tuesday, which meant one more day not in our bedroom. I was not a happy camper.... at all. With that in mind, we continue through our list and touch up the paint on the walls and the window trim.  Apparently, when my Mom was a child and her family was getting ready to move in to their first house, her Uncle was obsessed with smooth window sills. Since our house is around 100 years, the window sills were far from smooth, so my Mom and I set out to make Uncle Sal proud and we sanded down the window sills and re-painted them.
Terrified of getting the white trim paint on the beloved floors
Ryan calls and the snow in Jersey is holding him captive so he won't be able to leave until later on Tuesday, which means no second coat until Wednesday. At this point, I'm tired and cranky. My Mom and I had been working on projects constantly since she arrived (not to mention she had me up at 6am) and that was just not acceptable. So my Mom and I do what any two women would do, we decide that we will do the second coat of polyurethane ourselves. We figure this shouldn't be any harder than re-upholstering the arms so we set out in search of Ryan's supplies. About ten phone calls to Ryan later, we have all the supplies we need and we put down the second coat.
Our blood, sweat and tears.. aka our floors
Note the electrical outlet that is just chilling on the window sill. Since the house was built before the electric was installed the master bedroom's outlets were all 3-D.  3-D is cool for movies, not so cool for bedrooms.

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