Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving Up in the World

So, the day finally came, moving day.  We started out around 8am running errands and picking up the truck (since we're too cheap to hire movers). Ryan had three amazing friends come over to help him load up the truck with all of our crap stuff and bring it over to the new house.  Although this sounds like a quick and easy task it actually took about 4 to 5 hours and nothing, I repeat nothing, has been easy about this house.
Load One
Once the boys left the apartment with the first load, my savior friend, Maria, helped me clean our old apartment. We washed carpets, cleaned ovens and scrubbed the entire place from top to bottom. Six hours later and the place was clean and (almost) empty. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Who else would come over to clean? Not even I wanted to do that... and I lived there.

Once the boys had unloaded all of our stuff and sufficiently "moved" us in, Ryan came back to the apartment with the truck to collect me and the remainder of our stuff (which we probably should have just thrown out). Because we didn't have enough crap to move, I decided I wanted to keep all my planting pots.  So I attempt to empty out all of my (large) pots and manage to cover myself in dirt which I then track through the clean apartment... because that was really worth the $20 it would have cost to buy new ones (decision making skills are clearly worn out from all that cleaning/ moving). After everything is packed in to the truck, we were on our way to our first night in the new house!

Note: Originally, we had planned to sleep in a guest room while we finished up the bedroom since, we do have two other bedrooms. We also only planned on being in there for a few days. Neither of those things happened. When the boys moved all of our things in to the house, my bedroom furniture took up the whole third bedroom (not leaving room for a mattress) and we had already converted the second bedroom in to our tool shack (minus the shack part). 

First night in the new house and we were sleeping in the family room. It was like camping except for the fact that we paid a lot more money to sleep there. Atleast we had heat... for now.

Our everything room for the next few weeks...

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