Monday, December 27, 2010

Project: Undo Caley's Rat-tastic Work

Over a year ago I had bought a leather couch, thinking that Caley wouldn't want to scratch it like she had my previous couch.

Mistake #5: Cat's with claws scratch couches... and just about everything else.

But, she did, and now the sides of my couch looked horrible and since we just bought a house, and had no expendable funds, we had to live with it. Great.
Arm of Couch
I had bought a re-upholstering book and some upholstery fabric a few weeks ago because I was determined to make it look better than it did (which couldn't be that hard). So when my Mom said she was coming down, I knew she would be the perfect partner for my project. I thought it couldn't be that hard but, like all other things to do with this house, it was quite the project.
Caley watching the progress

Our kitchen work station
Our first task was to figure out sizing, then how to sew it since it sloped down on one side, then how to get the front square, and finally how to hide the staples. Fun times. Did I mention my Mom had me up at 6am every morning? I think the first side took us somewhere around 4 hours. But boy did it look good when it was done.
New Arms!
Project #2 of Mom's visit: done.

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