Friday, December 24, 2010

Project: Stain

We did it, we were finally done sanding! I had already stated that I was not going to PA for Christmas until the floors had a coat of polyurethane on them, (note: I actually said that I wasn't going to PA before the floors were done but that clearly wasn't happening) so we were in good shape. We had had a debate on whether the floors should just be sealed or stained natural before the polyurethane and decided to go with the natural stain (after consulting our flooring expert aka my brother in law). So Ryan bought one gallon of natural stain and on 8pm on the 23rd we started project finish these damn floors.

And the staining begins!
It looks good, really good and I am one happy lady. Until we get to the end, when we have a square left, it's about 3 feet by 3 feet and we can not squeeze one more drop out of the stain bucket and believe me, we tried. We even tried to wring out the stain cloth but, no go. Sigh.

Stain versus no stain
Mistake #4: Always buy more than enough supplies, it's better to have left over than not enough. Case and point.

By now, it's after 10pm and, of course, all the hardware stores are closed. Story of our life. So we brainstorm and think about what's open 24/7 and we immediately think Walmart. So we google the closest Walmart and it's only 5 miles away in MD and they're open until midnight, thank god. We go to Walmart, along with the rest of Maryland who have left their last minute Christmas shopping until tonight, and buy our beloved stain to finish staining tonight.

Pretty floors
And it's finally beginning to look like Christmas :)

Caley says "Merry Christmas!"

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