Thursday, December 16, 2010

They're Not called Drums for Nothing

FINALLY, the floors are starting to resemble floors (sort of, but after all those mineral spirit fumes, definitely). So we look at our hand sander, that we borrowed from the best landlord ever, and we look at the larger sander, that we borrowed from Ryan's parents, and quickly come to the conclusion that neither of these will do. We call around and find out that Home Depot rents drum sanders. So we head on over to Home Depot where we have the oldest, cutest man helping us (note: this does not negate the fact that he only uses one finger while typing and takes about an hour to check us out) and pick up our drum sander for a day of fun. Oh, what fun a drum sander is. I now understand why it's called a "drum" sander, this is when those ear plugs most certainly come in to play.

Some improvement

Ryan with the drum sander
After a few times sanding down the floors, we're definitely seeing progress.

Raw Floors

Although we have come a long way, it is now painfully clear that even though we'll be moving our stuff in to the house on Saturday, we will not be moving in to the bedroom....

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LMac said...

It's looking great so far! I'm so glad you're writing this blog, I feel like I'm there with you. Good luck and keep the posts coming!