Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Catching up...

Clearly, I'm lazy about uploading my pictures from this past weekend but since then, we haven't made much progress. We have,  however, been at Home Depot every night (where they're putting in a TJ Maxx, color me excited!) buying and exchanging wood to finish up the sub floor. Today we have a plumber coming in to survey the disaster pipes and give us a quote on how much it will cost to move them all, and I mean ALL. Ryan also has our design pretty much done (thanks to the Ikea design program) which makes me very excited. We've only had one incident with the dumpster (we won't mention how the incident had my lovely husband-to-be screaming out the window at midnight to two guys who were illegally dumping and then running after them) and we've managed to not have to get any take out yet, thanks to the slow cooker (currently cooking our jambalaya). I think that alone is a win on our part. So all is well in the Tkaires household.

In my free time, I started playing around with inspirations boards on project wedding and this is one of my favorites. It has the grey bridesmaid dresses, the anti-strapless wedding dress and the flowers that I want and I love how it all looks together.

The outdoor wedding picture is the actual spot where we will be getting married (as long as there's no rain).
You like? I've been such a proponent of a non strapless wedding gown that I'm curious to see if that stance stays once I try some on....

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