Monday, March 7, 2011

Week One

Our first week living upstairs wasn't too bad. Ry and I still managed to eat at home (thanks to the toaster oven and slow cooker) and hanging out in the second bedroom wasn't the wort thing in the world.  Besides Caley's constant attempts to escape, the animals also seemed to be fairing pretty well and all is good in the world, or just my world ;).

Ryan finished ripping up the old floors during the week so come Saturday his to-do list was quite extensive.

Ryan's list
We woke up super early to get to Home Depot so Ryan could get all the wood he would need for the weekend, while I was tasked with tile.

Note to self: Everyone and their mother is at Home Depot on a Saturday, if you think it's going to be a quick trip, you are sorely mistaken.

Ryan picking out some wood for the floors.

We had a successful trip and although there were no trucks to rent to bring all of the wood back to the house, Ryan got creative and rented a Uhaul because clearly it was not fitting in the mini. I also found some tiles that I liked so I was happy to get an idea of where the kitchen was going. We're still looking around but I am definitely more drawn towards the earthy tones.

I'm thinking the floors will be more towards the right tile and the granite will be the lighter color. I was using the wood to see what it would look like against our floors (cherry) and the cabinets (dark brown oak). I also found myself some green subway tile :)

Ryan got a huge start on ripping up the sub floors Saturday and it was all starting to come together.... 

Sunday was another big day for us but my pictures are on my camera so I'll upload them later. Here's a sneak peak:

Ryan with his manly tools.
I'd say we're/ Ryan's making progress.

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