Monday, March 14, 2011

I like how you Dwell

So originally, I had decided to just register for a yellow coverlet at Pottery Barn and call it a day. That is until I saw this post at Apartment Therapy:

& I saw this beauty...

Yellow + Grey = yes, please!
When I checked out the source I found out it was Dwell Studio for Target. Of course, I checked the DC Target store and just like my Dwell Studio pillow, it was sold out. Sigh. UNTIL I realized I would be in Dover that next weekend and when I checked the Dover store, cha ching, it was in stock :) So while my Dad was checking out patio sets I went straight for the bedding section to pick up my new coverlet and shams. I'm still not totally sold on the shams (especially since they're an extra $25 a pop) but I love the coverlet.

Winter look

Summer look

I kept the shams for now (they're not on the bed) but I'm debating if I even need them. I kind of like the mismatched look. Oh Dwell Studio, what did I ever do before you?

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