Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Treasure Hunting

As I was walking to the bus this morning I got a call from Lowes, they were calling to tell me that our appliances were in and could be delivered before our delivery date of next Saturday. I'm pretty sure we're good and next Saturday will still be entirely too soon to have all of our appliances sitting in our family room. Pretty sure.

The past few days we've still been re-laying and re-pointing brick. There was a leak by the window at some point and the mortar around those bricks had completely deteriorated hence the loose bricks.

Monday's handy work

We started to the right of the window and are moving left because we're going to leave a small portion of the wall exposed where we won't have any cabinets. We want to get all our practice in before this area.  When Ryan asked me if I wanted to have exposed bricks in the kitchen my first reaction was "Does a bear poop in the forest?" because seriously, the more exposed bricks the better in my mind. 

The bricks we (and by we, I mean Ryan) re-layed on Tuesday were a little tricky and caused us to play a little game of Memory.

Cleaning the area where the bricks were 
Attempting to keep them in order

We managed to get almost all of them back in to place (even after Ryan accusing me of moving the bricks) and we would have put them all back, that is, if we hadn't run out of mortar. You'd think we would have learned from our staining fiasco to always get too much versus not enough but, not so much.

Lesson #231,242,324: Always get too many supplies, you'll always need them when it's too late to go to the store to get them.

Starting off strong 
2 bricks left and no more mortar, womp womp...

While we were cleaning out some of the bricks and dust we found some "treasures".

Bones of some sort

I think I'd rather the newspaper as a time capsule over the bones.... Just saying.

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