Friday, March 25, 2011

Life without a Kitchen...

Is rough. Especially, when you love to cook and entertain. How are we getting by? Well, besides my our slow cooker (which I am now so sick of I can't even look at) and my (crap, is this what happens when you get married?) our toaster oven, my Dad recently let us borrow his electric skillet and it's a life saver.

Cooking up some lobster raviolis in a tomato cream sauce. Nice picture, I know.

Filet? Yes, please!
So life isn't so bad, right? Well not in the cooking department (if you count not being bad as cooking on a chair) but in the laundry department? That's a different story. Kevin and Ryan made an executive decision to cut my washing machine line without even telling me. So we've been carting our dirty laundry (did I mention I do bikram yoga?) to my parent's houses every chance we get!
Spotted, laundry behind the Monkster

We're itching to get out of this second floor (and I'm literally itching, I think I'm allergic to the dust), but we're getting by. Anyone want some house guests? I cook....

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