Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It always seems like a good idea...

To tear down walls and expose bricks before you actually do it. It was our last weekend with Pinky the Dumpster so we had to get all of the plaster we were going to get off the walls, down and out of the house. The good news is, we managed to get all the plaster down, the bad news is we found some surprises.

Beginning of the day

Ripping off the plaster
Lesson #123,324,423: Never expect anything from the previous owner's, you'll just be disappointed. (Because clearly we didn't learn this lesson from the master bedroom or half bathroom.)

After we took down the walls, Ryan noticed that the same corner of the house that looked like it had a leak upstairs (in the third bedroom) appeared to have a leak downstairs. So, although the home inspector assumed the leak upstairs had been fixed, it had not so we were stuck dealing with the issue. Ryan went up on the roof to check it out and it appears that where the addition attaches to the house needs to be re-sealed, awesome. One more project to add to our never ending list.

That upper right corner appears to be wet... yikes!

No more plaster but lots of fun project unveiled!
Ryan also noticed that there is a crack above the door frame, probably because the weight of the bricks was too much for the wood. Another project to tackle before we can actually start putting the kitchen back together...

On a positive note, Saturday our new fridge and oven were delivered and boy are they beauties. Now if only we had a kitchen to put them in...

Why hello there lovely fridge!

Welcome to the neighborhood, double oven!

We only had to take off one door to get the fridge in...
Four weeks in and we're finally done with demo... and there's finally a small light at the end of the tunnel :) Even if the clouds roll in and cover it up from time to time.

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