Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It all comes down to the chandeliers

I'm totally belated on posting these pictures but we've been very busy (clearly).

A few weeks ago me, my mom and my future mother in law checked out a few possible reception sites and we found the ONE. It's perfect. It has all the elements I was looking for and it's only about 40 minutes from my Mom's house. The place is called Riverdale Manor. It has 6 acres of land on the Conestoga River outside of Lancaster city. It's quite the beauty.

The outside and deck.

Inside the ballroom. Swoon. I love the exposed beams and the chandeliers.

Picture the snow gone and 150 white chairs facing the river.

Clearly I had a list and I was going to make sure everything was checked off. This is set up for a wedding inside the pavilion but we'll use the pavilion as shade for our cocktail hour.

Chandeliers? Yes, please! 
We also checked out a vineyard (fail) and an Inn (score). I made a big deal of not wanting to stay off of a highway on my wedding night, so the Inn is perfect. 63 rooms and they're all different. It's like a mini village which will be perfect for the wedding weekend.

Get excited, only 529 days to go (darn that wedding countdown).

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