Sunday, February 27, 2011

De Ja Vu

I don't know if it's the Home Depot trips, the masks or the general feel of the house but we're back in renovation mode and this time, it's the kitchen that had to go.

Saturday morning, the (pink) dumpster arrived around 8 and just like that, our plans were becoming a reality. Of course, we still haven't finalized our kitchen design or decided where the bathroom is going to go or even ordered any tiles/ cabinets but the day still came and the kitchen was still to be destroyed. So while I went up to PA to celebrate my beautiful sister, the mommy to be, Ryan had a few friends over and created our "open" floor plan.

Here are some before pictures and the reason we are now cut off from the first floor of our house.

The only cabinets in the entire kitchen.

This is the wall that connects to the bathroom.

Our "pantry" even though I can't fit normal sized pantry items in there.

Our huge bathroom that separates our kitchen from our great room. Kitchen is to the left. 
Day 1: Demo day (Ryan bought a sledge hammer for this sole event)

Getting ready to knock down the wall.

The bathroom is now gone.

Open floor plan? Yes, please!
Sunday morning, Monkey and I came back to DC nice and early so we could help with the action. Day two was more concentrated on getting the floor up. We found a newspaper in the floor and the date was April 17, 1920, kind of cool, right? And even back then, there was an article about losing weight. Ha, ha.

View from the front of the house looking in.

Ryan taking up the old floor.

You can see right through to the basement, awesome.

Clark aka our right hand man
So we're two days in, living on the second floor and I/ Ryan washed our first set of dishes in the bathtub, sweet. Ryan also mentioned to me that he thinks we should re-do the upstairs bathroom while we have the house under construction. Can you imagine no place to cook and no place to shower? We really are camping!

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