Sunday, February 27, 2011

Down sizing

Thursday we started getting the house ready for the weekend which basically meant condensing our 1,400 square foot house in to a 700 square foot second floor. We had to get quite creative.  The master bedroom is staying as is, we decided we need one room that's our safe haven.

Master Bedroom
Our second bedroom, which was the office slash Ryan's dressing room, became our office slash family room slash Ryan's dressing room slash Monkey's room.

Office area

Living area

Dressing area
And that is not a big room.

The third bedroom is our guest room slash kitchen slash Caley's room.

We also now have a fridge in there.

The queen sized bed (that our awesome friend Emily gave us) is to the left.
The room off of our third bedroom is where we put all of our boxes and things from downstairs. Anything that remained downstairs is now completely covered with plastic.  As Ryan said, "The next few weeks are going to be very intimate." And they most certainly would.

All this for an open floor plan, sigh.

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