Friday, February 4, 2011


Ryan has been very busy reading up on our kitchen renovation. I would have a picture for you but he deleted the picture I took the other night because it wasn't a manly enough book (these are his words, not mind). Little does he know how everything to do with a kitchen renovation is manly. Meanwhile, while Ryan has been reading up on demolition/rebuilding/plumbing, I have been scoring the Internet for kitchen ideas.  I already knew I wanted dark cabinets that matched the floors in the family room. I also knew I wanted green subway tiles (I don't know exactly when that obsession started but it seems to be here to stay). I'm also thinking that I want beige granite and beige tiles but we haven't picked anything out yet. We also still need to purchase our stove and fridge... and the list goes on (and kind of stresses me out as I type it).

Subway tiles? Yes, please! Dark cabinets with light granite and tiles? Double yes, please!

I love this curtain, I will be making it for my kitchen. Don't you worry.
Same kitchen, different view. I'm in love.
We've been a little stressed out trying to find good granite, cabinet and tile people before we start demolition so, when we were invited to a cocktail party hosted by our Realtor's company, Mandy & David at Hounshell Real Estate, we knew it would be a good opportunity. Boy were we right. Not only did we get to meet up with our awesome Realtor, Robert Crawford, we also got to meet two guys that do house renovations as their full time job. They were nice enough to let us pick their brains (and by us, I mean Ryan) and we came out with some really great ideas as well as some contacts. One of the things we've been hearing about across the board is Ikea cabinets, who knew?

So, we're two weeks from D-day aka demolition day and we're finally making some progress. Are you as excited as I am?

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