Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Style my ladies

Speaking of grey, guess what I'm thinking for wedding colors? Yep, you thought right, grey. Well, not just grey, grey with lavenders and greens. My BFF/ bridesmaid sent me this wedding after I had already fallen in love with the idea of hydrangeas and I was sold.

And since the wedding is (next) August, I'm hoping the grey won't wash anyone out/ you have 18 months to get tan, ladies ; )
Image #128966
Sea Studio - Photography
This is exactly what I want my centerpieces to look like, well maybe a little shorter.
Image #128983
Sea Studio - Photography
I also love this style bridesmaid dress... and since I don't really want to wear a strapless dress, I won't be putting my ladies in strapless dresses (Elena, you can thank me now).

When I asked Ryan what he thought of grey, green and purple he said "that's a lot of colors for one room" (which, actually it isn't but he would never understand) but when I told him I was talking about the wedding and not the guest room he responded with, "the wedding is your thing, I don't even see colors." So, once again, grey it is!

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Liz A. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas :-)