Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

So, it's been a crazy few weeks. I was in Philly all week last week for a conference so between that and our friend from college visiting last weekend, I chose fun over productivity. Good choice :). We figure we have to really buckle down considering the dumpster is rented for our kitchen demo starting on Saturday so we might as well enjoy our last weekend of "freedom" and we did. In between our plans I did, however, make one purchase (hint it's in the title of the post)...

Friday I ventured out to Home Goods because I really wanted to get a mirror for over our bed. There are a few other big purchases I want to make for our bedroom but this was my first priority. I searched the store high and low and finally find a gold framed circular mirror that I really liked. I'm about to buy it and a very interesting mirror catches my eye and it has all the colors of our bedroom in it. Score. I put it in my cart and wheel it around trying to decide if I like it. I text it to my sister with a "Cool or tacky?" question and when she doesn't answer, I buy it.
Cool or tacky?
I trek it home and when I put it my bedroom I hate it. Like, seriously, HATE it. Everything was wrong, it was entirely too busy, had too many colors and just looked horrible. I can not emphasize this enough. I felt completely defeated (partly because I just really hate driving out to Virgina on the weekend and now I was going to have to to return it.) So, on Monday, I trek back to Virginia to return it. I get to Home Goods and to my surprise there are two other mirrors that I like (note: of course the one I originally liked was no where to be found) so I send a text to Ryan, "Right or Left?".
Clearly I can't be in charge of these big decisions at this point.
He calls me and tells me how hideous he thinks the one to the left is and that I should pick the one to the right. Done. So I trek home, again, and have Ryan put it up and wallah, it's a beauty.

Now I just need some new blinds, curtains, pillows and some color!
Here's the before and after shots.



Ryan: "Should we move it lower?"
Me: "No, why would we do that?"
Ryan: "So you can see yourself in it."
Me: "Um, no. It's not that kind of mirror."

You like? I'm thinking I want my accent color to be yellow so be prepared for some fun yellow pieces jumping in to the picture!

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