Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a sickness...

Do you ever see pictures on a blog and just feel the complete and utter desire to tackle the project on your own? Clearly, I do.

I'm still talking about the headboard I want need to make.

tufted headboard final
Picture from Centsational Girl
 I'm also aching to put together a daybed for our office.

Aubrey made that back board (from Aubrey + Lindsey's Little House Blog).
And  my latest obsession? This dresser. Of course, we already have too many dressers (since my tall one wouldn't fit in the master bedroom so it's in the guest room and Ryan's dresser is in the office), but wouldn't it make an awesome addition to any room? She just painted a goodwill dresser green. Swoon.

Emily A. Clark's Design Blog
Maybe I need a bigger house? Just kidding, Ryan :) Or just a smaller to-do list... 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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