Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Looking at other people's bedrooms, makes me want to finish mine. I love these curtains AND they're no sew.

From Casa Greer
I already wanted a sunburst mirror over my bed and this just makes me want it more. I want a bigger one for our bedroom... 

Love those throw pillows.
I also love this dresser (don't worry, Ryan, I won't paint my dresser but I might paint yours...)

I think I might like the yellow more than the green...
On another note, I'm meeting with Tony Hoffer tonight. Is it sad how excited I am? Ryan thinks he's entirely too expensive but I don't think you can put a price on good photography slash I've been obsessed with him for way too many years :) 

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Elizabeth said...

hey chet!!! you should be excited, photography is a HUGE part of a wedding. we spent a lot on ours as well but when you see shitty pictures from other peoples weddings we are sooo glad we spent what we did!! go for it, you will have them FOREVER!