Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This weekend was crazy. If there is one thing that I've noticed since we bought the house is that those lazy Saturdays or Sundays do not exist anymore.  Even TV watching can't be done alone, I'm either looking for design ideas, wedding ideas or searching for my next Craigslist find (yes, I'm addicted). I can honestly say I'm never bored. So this weekend was clearly no different but it was successful, oh yes, it was successful.

Although I really love my new duvet cover, I knew our room needed something more to pull it together. I had been searching for quilts thinking that a colored quilt might do just that but I couldn't find any that I loved. So Friday night I decided that we should head to Home Goods and try and find a carpet. I figured the next best thing to color on the bed was color on the floor, right? So, after work, Ryan and I headed out to Home Goods... in Virginia... during rush hour. It was great (sense the sarcasm). Besides the ungodly amount of traffic, the ride out there actually wasn't too bad and when we got to  Home Goods, Ryan had a conference call so I had a few minutes to spend in my haven alone. Of course, once the call was over, Ryan was back in the store to keep me on track. I had brought color swatches from our walls, the comforter, our furniture and the color I thought I wanted to incorporate (red). We went through a few rugs and found three that we liked. Two were beige with flowers and one was red with paisleys. Although I didn't really want a flowered rug (since our duvet is so modern), the colors were right and we thought it would brighten up the room, so we bought one of the beige rugs (guesstimating on size). After somehow managing to fit a 7'x9' rug in the mini, we had our new rug to bring home. We got it home and laid it out (this was not an easy task since it had to go under our *very heavy* bed) and it was horrible. It was glaringly obvious that the design and colors were all wrong. I hated it. There was no way. So, we rolled back up the carpet and drank some wine. Sigh.

Saturday I already knew I had to treck to Virginia to drop off some of my old crap things for Junior League and turn in some paperwork at Pottery Barn so I just added Home Goods to my list. I decided to buy the red paisley rug (note: I had spent about 2 hours searching rugs online after our first failure and could not find one that I loved) so it was a pretty quick trip at Home Goods (minus the 40 minute line). Fast forward 3+ hours of driving in the hell hole that is the Virginia suburbs on the weekend and I brought home our new rug. We laid it down and immediately I knew that it was perfect. The colors went perfectly and I loved the contrast of the comforter against the rug.
You like? (Ignore the uncovered box spring that has started to drive me insane.)
I'll post some more pictures later so you can see how well the walls go with the rug but it sure is a beauty (minus the ten pound hair ball on it) : )

A match made in heaven; well actually between Dwell Studio and Home Goods but that's besides the point.

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nota bene said...

omg. my uncovered box spring drives me insane too. i went to bb&b this weekend to see if they had the matelasse box spring cover that they have on the website and the lady was like... uh, the only box spring cover we have is for bedbugs. fail!