Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you know what goes with every outfit?


After a little over seven years of dating (although Ryan likes to say that college doesn't count, but it totally does) on January 14th, Ryan and I got engaged. Ryan had been planning it for a little over a month and managed to have the ring for 10 days before he pulled the trigger! He had already asked both my Mom and my Dad and had even managed to have my best friend go with him to look at diamonds. It was a VERY good day :)

Here's our story:

I got home from a work trip to North Carolina on Friday around 5:30pm. Ryan was already in the family room hanging out. I had been traveling all day so I was really excited to be home. I was unpacking downstairs, just dilly dallying but Ryan kept mentioning things about projects we had been working on in the bedroom. I was more focused on Ryan taking Monkey for a walk and just settling in so I didn't pick up on anything. Finally (Ryan said at this point he was thinking of just making up a finished project so I would go upstairs), I went upstairs to unpack and told Ryan to take Monkey for a walk. Instead, Ryan followed me in to the bedroom. When I get in to the bedroom, I see that there are 3 vases of beautiful flowers.
Flowers in the bedroom
I turned around and thanked Ryan for the flowers only to find him on one knee. He told me he had one more present for me and pulled out the ring and asked me if I would marry him. I was pretty much in shock and just stared at the gorgeous bling. He also told me that he had made reservations at an awesome steak house. We popped the champagne and decided to sit on the engagement and call people after dinner (this was very hard). (Don't worry, we also took the Monkster for a walk.)
Dinner was incredible and we had an amazing view of the Capitol. After a delicious dinner, we finally started to call our family. Of course, it was 9:30pm on a Friday and neither of my parents picked up! We took some pictures at the Capitol and headed home to spread the good news. 
More champagne!


It was perfect. I can't imagine a better place to get engaged than the place where we are building our life together.
On the phone with my sister
Freezing on the Capitol's stairs.
And that's our story! Let the planning begin : ) (Actually, Ryan is making me wait two weeks to start planning but that's besides the point.)

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