Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hutch Part 2

After our successful entryway project on Saturday, Sunday we tackled the other part of the hutch (and by we, I mean Ryan, I was busy working on other projects/ doing a long run/ cooking for the women's shelter).

Ryan started by taking the whole hutch apart so he had the two sides, the back and then the chest.  He took one of the sides and used his fancy new power tool to cut it in to two to use it as the two sides. By only cutting one side, he could use the other side to make the top of the bench more sturdy since the back of the hutch was veneer wood.
Taking the hutch apart
Using the second side as a back

Putting it back together

Looking good!

The finished product!

After a few more cuts and screws, wallah we have a bench! (Don't you like how much I oversimplified Ryan's hard work?)

Now, I just have to decide on a cushion color. I think I'm going to go to the fabric store this weekend and see what they have.  Oh, how I love the fabric store, even if it brings to light my indecisiveness...

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