Saturday, January 1, 2011

High Gloss, High Style

After a fun night over at Maria's and Dave's, we started the new year right... with a trim project. Ryan had bought most of the trim when we had the moving truck but he had gotten the wrong design for the top pieces and we still had to buy the bottom pieces. So, New Years day, entirely too early, we headed over to Home Depot to rent a large saw and to pick up the rest of the trim. 12' Trim in a mini = clown car.
Ryan using earphone wires to tie the trim together.
We figured we would spend the day getting the molding up so when my Dad, sister and BIL came to visit the next day, they could help with the insulation and moving our furniture in to the bedroom. That did not happen.

We started off good, I painted all the trim in a high gloss white while Ryan worked on cutting the baseboards. Trying to get the cuts so that all the boards fit, in a quirky old house, is not that easy. 
Baseboard cutting
That on top of the 3-D electrical outlets and Ryan spent the majority of the day cutting the boards and re-wiring and re-running the electric in the room so you can't see all the wires.

Mistake #6: Nothing is as easy as you think it's going to be in a house and nothing will take you the amount of time that you think it's going to take you. 
Playing with electricity
Although we didn't get everything done we wanted to, we had definitely made progress. And, at this point, that's something.

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