Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grand Entrance

When we bought the house, the radiator by the entrance was covered with this ugly radiator cover. I am actually a huge fan of how radiators look so I knew immediately that the cover had to go but my thought process did not go past that.
radiator cover by the entrance (behind the Monkster)

We've been so busy with the rest of the house, not to mention the engagement, that I hadn't really put much thought in to what to do with the entrance (minus the rug, we desperately needed a rug, thank god for Home Goods). We did have an awesome hutch in our old entry way but the new space wasn't big enough to keep it as is. I really loved the piece so Ryan came up with a great compromise, take a part the hutch in to two pieces. We would use the top portion in the entrance and the trunk would be turned in to a seat in the family room (plus storage, I love multi functioning pieces). Although it may sound crazy, we already knew that we wanted some sort of jacket hooks by the entrance. Even with a coat closet, it's just more convenient to have the jackets right when you walk in. I also wanted a mirror. The top of the hutch had both of those things. So Ryan was off to Home Depot to buy yet another tool.
The hutch before

Ryan taking it apart

Trying it out
After we tried the top piece out, I wasn't completely in love so we decided to take it apart even more.
Ryan taking apart the top piece
And that's how we got our new entryway! It's so much more functional!
Finished product!
Here's a before and after shot so you can see the difference:

Did I already tell you that I originally bough the hutch for $60 on Craigslist? What a deal! And now on to the trunk that we'll turn in to a bench!

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