Wednesday, January 12, 2011

His & Her Closets

Once we moved in to the bedroom, it was pretty obvious that my one pole in the closet was not cutting it. That on top of the fact that our amazing Realtor, Robert Crawford, had already told me about Elfa closets and I was set on a new closet. Lucky for me, the Container Store was having their annual sale.

If you've never been to the Container Store, I suggest you go, it's amazing. I've never seen so many things for organization in my life. I definitely had to put my blinders on and only look at bathroom organizers, which I, of course, bought while I was waiting for a designer to design my closet.

I had already played around with different design ideas on their website so I knew what I was looking for before I went. It was such a fun experience. I got to customize everything from drawers for my clothes to a shoe rack just for flats, I was in heaven. Plus, the 30% off didn't hurt! Once I got home and bragged to Ryan about my awesome closet, he decided that he needed his own Elfa. And that's how we got not one, but two incredible closets in our 100 year old house. Drool.
Ryan installing my Elfa

My new closet!!!!
Ryan's new closet!!!

In the words of my sister: Elena: floors, what? that closet is where your home equity is :)

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