Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chalk boards...

I'll also take that table, thanks.
If there's one thing I'm more obsessed with than chandeliers in bedrooms, it's chalk boards in kitchens. Ryan thinks that white boards are more nerdy chic (yes, he actually used those words) but I'm an old school chalk board type of girl. Once we start our kitchen remodel, you can bet I'm going to try and fit one of these babies in there. I mean, cute + functional, can you think of anything better? No, you probably can't. I'm thinking I can write my menu for the week on it so everyone in the house (aka Ryan) will always know what's for dinner (yes, I meal plan and yes, I make dinner pretty much every night).
Source: Nothing But Bonfires

I just died and went to heaven, a chalkboard + a chandelier... yes, please!
Speaking of kitchen renovations, our microwave and dishwasher were delivered last weekend. Yes, we were a LITTLE ambitious and yes, they are now sitting in our family room. Along with all the other boxes that I don't feel like unpacking, sigh.
Our beloved dishwasher and microwave... in boxes... in the family room
Oh, you want to hear more about the kitchen renovation you say? Don't you worry, I'm pretty sure you'll manage to hear more about the kitchen than you did the floors. If that's even possible.

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