Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's getting hot in here

Well, not quite, but we're certainly not wasting as much money on heat as before.

When our home inspector walked us through the house, he noticed that there was no insulation between the ceiling and the roof as well as out back under the laundry room. So heat was basically escaping from those two areas and we were just throwing away money.  Since there was a tax credit for insulation in 2010, we decided to go to Lowes and buy enough to insulate both areas as soon as we moved in to the house. And there it sat for the next month. (Actually it eventually got moved to the back room but that's besides the point.)
Ryan tackled the back area under the laundry room by himself one Sunday but the crawl space was another story. The area was only about 2' high and he wouldn't be able to go back and forth to get the insulation so he needed someone to help. Originally, he had recruited Kevin but when we were trying to finish up the bedroom, Kevin helped with the trim instead. Ryan told me I was going to have to be his helper... until, our amazing friend, Clark "volunteered" for the task. 

So, last Sunday, Clark and Ryan spent about six hours up in the crawl space installing the insulation. I am one lucky girl to have been saved from that task.
Clark thinking "What did I get myself in to?"

Ryan heading in to the crawl space

Clark handing the insulation up to Ryan

Hi babe!

The amount of space they had to install all this insulation.. yikes

Ryan installing the insulation
After they were finished and they had changed and wiped themselves down, we sat in the family room while they used tape to stick to their skin and pull the tiny pieces of insulation out. Did I already say how lucky I am to have gotten out of this task?

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