Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Could it be?

So the office is pretty much set up.  We're going to put a twin sized bed in there just so we have some extra room for people to sleep but besides that, it's looking rather good (minus our thrown together furniture, sigh). The only problem I have with it is the color.  It doesn't look that bad in pictures but it's like a pinkish-beige, barf. (Or maybe it does look that bad in pictures and I'm delusional, take your pick.)
The beginning stages of the desk.
Note: when I bought paint for the master bedroom, I bought 3 gallons. Apparently those paint estimators are just a tad bit off, because we only used about 1 1/4 gallons. I tried to return the third gallon but I guess it's considered custom since they mixed it. Fail.  I did try to get them to lighten it but since the can was already full, it didn't help.

Back to the office. So I had been thinking of painting it a green or a deep mocha but then I remembered, I have a whole can of Benjamin Moore Wolf Grey paint just sitting in my basement. So we were driving to work this morning and I was asking Ryan's opinion on color (note: Ryan does not have an opinion on color) and I mentioned possibly lightening the grey and using that. Well, Ryan had an excellent idea of buying a paint bucket to mix the grey with white to lighten it and create another grey room.  I want to lighten it quite a bit so you can't tell it's the same color as the master bedroom, so I'm thinking something like this:
I like that blanket, I wish I could find it for my master bedroom.

This room is entirely too white for me. I love white in theory but in practice? Not so much.

Or possibly a little darker:
I've saved this house tour from about a year ago because I liked it so much.
I also want to paint the weird bookshelf things they have on the walls white to match the trim.

It's crazy how much I love grey... I should probably be going to some sort of intervention. And with Ryan giving me no opinions on colors? Grey it is.

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